Friday, April 4, 2014


lately i've realized a lot of things...

i've realized first and foremost how important it is to love myself, unconditionally. i know it's hard to try and love those who don't love themselves. i refuse to feel insecure. i refuse to be shaken by society's fucked up standards of beauty. i refuse to question why i talk so much, or why i can't pay attention to something for more than three minutes without getting distracted. my flaws make me who i am. yes, i could choose to stare in the mirror and tear myself to shreds everyday, but i won't... because there's more.

there's more to life.

there's better things to spend my time on.

there's people out there who love me regardless.

which brings me to my next realization... there is nothing more freeing and heartening than surrounding myself with people who make me better... make me a better person, help me to see the world from a different angle,  show me how appreciate the little things.

i've never felt so worry free.

i've never felt more blessed.

i've never felt more loved and accepted.

we aren't promised another day on this earth. we aren't give more than one body to occupy. we can't exchange our brains... even if they don't function the way we think they should. i am the sailor of my ship. if i'm not sailing towards being a better person, friend, daughter, or sister, as far as i'm concerned, i'm moving backward.

i have the power to choose who i surround myself with.

i have the power to control my thoughts.

i have the power to decide what and who i let affect me.

and i will.